Ori Oborous


Full Name: Ori Ingrid Orion Oborous
Gender: Nonbinary (She/They)
Species: Dream Dragon
Genre: dreamy rave/breakcore/jungle

Ori Oborous was born in the year 20XX. At a young age, she started to develop magical dream-altering powers. Ori's singing will put anyone who listens immediately into an unconscious dream-state. She can, if she chooses, walk in and alter the dreams of those in this state. Ori rarely sings in her music, and when she does it's distorted enough that listeners are not affected by this odd power.

She shares an apartment with several other dragons, including FRUITSOUPLEX and %FILENAME, and they get up to all sorts of trouble together.


Ori has been producing music since she was 14, but she only started to publish it online in November of 2017. Below are two of her favorite tracks.

Ref Sheet

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